Affiliate Marketing Programmes

Affiliate marketing programmes extend the scope of pay for performance promotion well beyond the range of the search engines.

For the right business with the right products they can work very effectively, but affiliate marketing is not a quick fix way of generating traffic and revenuesAffiliate marketing must be viewed as a long term investment, as it will take time to build your network before it will show a proper return. Only if you are prepared to invest the time, effort and resources will your affiliate programme be successful.

Divisions can help you establish your affiliate programmeproviding hands-on help, and practical advice and support as you establish your campaign. Even setting up and managing the entire programme on your behalf..

TradeDoubler Affiliate Network
Within the UK and Europe we would normally recommend the TradeDoubler affiliate networkTradeDoubler is the leading European provider of performance based marketing solutions and affiliate programs. To date, has the largest European network of affiliates.

For more information, visit TradeDoubler

Proprietary Affiliate Programmes
For proprietary affiliate programmes we recommend My AP from Kowabunga Technologies, the world’s number one affiliate marketing solution chosen by over 2000 merchants and advertisers worldwide.

My AP makes it easy to develop an advanced partner strategy and build a network to carry your ads and messages and track results, and we can help you with all aspects of set up and development of the programme, including complete management if required.


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