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Automate your YouTube Video & Channel Marketing

I’ll be teaching you how to automate your Channels marketing using Tube Assist, an awesome new cloud based video sharing platform.

In this tutorial you’ll learn:

  • How to make a Tube Assist Account & Pay for the Subscription
  • Get to grips with the Tube Assist Dashboard
  • Learn about the different Campaigns Available
  • Create and Run a Tube Assist Campaign
I hope you enjoyed my tutorial on automating your YouTube Marketing, if you have any questions drop me a question via my Questions page or leave a comment below!
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Charles Floate
I'm a UK based Search Engine Optimisation and Search Marketing Consultant. With over 5 years in the Search Industry, I'm hoping to build up God of SEO as a Dedicated Internet Marketing Blog with tons of Information for the Community to engage with.
  • http://www.morethanseo.com  Matt
    Regarding automated YouTube marketing, especially if managing the channels of other people, in order to “scale” the business would you recommend something like this:
    1) Buying views, “likes”, subscribers, and comments from services like FollowLike.net (selecting traffic from the top 2 countries) to get those social signals “drip fed” over the course of a few days/weeks
    2) Using Vagex instead of FollowLike.net (if one can get access to the membership area) or a similar service which does things properly
    3) Using Tube Assist as you mentioned in the video to gain channel subscribers with relevant interests
    4) Outsourcing link creation or using software (SE Nuke, GSA, Magic Submitter, etc.) + any private blog network to help the videos rank in the search engines — assuming on-page optimization is done correctly for the video(s) and channel
    5) Using YouTube/AdWords PPC to buy traffic on the sidebar of competitor videos + other videos which are relevant to the desired videos for which I want legitimate traffic
    6) RSS syndication of the YouTube channel through RSS syndication software
    Is there anything else you would recommend for the automation of YouTube to help videos “go viral” (obviously this is relative for the niche & keyword) + simultaneously rank in the search engines for a long time?
    Thanks for your thoughts as it appears that there are few comprehensive video marketing companies which do everything properly after the video is produced. I want to make sure that I have the tools in place to grow and scale while still giving clients (local and national) quality value that they can’t get elsewhere.
    Much appreciated for your walk through and any suggestions to improve/edit the YouTube marketing business model.
    • http://HashtagSEO.co.uk  Charles Floate
      Hey Matt,
      That’s a really good strategy except I wouldn’t buy views/subscribers as it can get your adsense earnings penalized.. You’re better of using Tube Assist and PPC to gain the views naturally.
      Using blog networks to get the videos to rank is a good idea as well, I do plan on doing a BIG YouTube guide in the near-future but it’s just getting around to actually doing it, I might actually start working on that today.
  • http://fireprovedmarketing.com/  Vukasin
    Very nice Charles, I really like it. It would be very useful for me! :)
    • http://HashtagSEO.co.uk  Charles Floate
      Grab it up man! haha
  • jade
    I thought I should suggest when you make video, it be useful to make the screen more clearer to suit most computer screens that is – when we view the video in max screen size. As it blurs currently. Thanks.
    • http://HashtagSEO.co.uk  Charles Floate
      Yeh for some reason YouTube hasn’t put it as 720p which is what I rendered it in…
  • http://YourWebsite  jade
    A separate size version here would be excellent.
    • http://HashtagSEO.co.uk  Charles Floate
      Hey Jade, adding a wistia version of the video now! :)
  • http://marketingguard.com  Helge Sverre
    Nice post Charles, I’ve been looking for a Youtube ranking software/service thingy for awhile now, thanks c:
    • http://GodlikeMarketing.com  Charles Floate
      No problem Helge!


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