There are a myriad of great banner advertising opportunities available. Many international options are expensiveand not cost effective, but good deals can be found. There is also a glut of UK portals and directories bannerspace, so there is an abundance of opportunities to dramatically increase a site's traffic.

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Online ads' market growing
Place your graphical banner on the appropriate high-traffic sites that will expose your Web site to your online target audience. This is usually the most powerful, and simplest, way of generating large volumes of traffic to your site.

In the Web environmentcirculation is called "impressions" - the number of times an ad or page is seen. Advertising on the Web today is generally based on a CPM rate, which is the cost per 1,000 impressions/advert views.

We will identify and analyze sites that are relevant to your Web site's target audience. A Banner Placement Planwill then be created which will contain a selection of the high-performance online advertising options for your Web site.

The plan will identify three options for your Web site to place banners on. This will include information on site visitor demographicspricing and number of impressions for each scenario. As part of this Banner Placement Plan service we include the organization of the banner placement.

Banner Ad Design
We are experienced in producing high-impactquick-loading banners that generate well above average click-through rates. The main objective for a banner is to bring your target audience to your site. Our animated banners use effective banner ad design techniques that have been triedtested and proven.


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