Keyword analysis is basically an analysis to find how significant are the key words used in the site to get maximum of best quality. We analyze the total number of unique searches on the Internet that are relevant to your website. A Keyword Market is defined by the top-level or root keyword that is generally most relevant to your business. If you own a shoe store, "shoes" might be the top-level keyword for your market. "Shoes" of course is very general since there are many kinds of shoes for men and women. Top-level keywords may contain thousands of vertical keyword markets. Initial analysis on "shoes" will produce hundreds of verticals (running shoes, nike shoes, bridal shoes, golf shoes, etc.)

Understanding Your Keyword Market
Selecting the right keywords and phrases is critical to the success of any search engine marketing campaign. A thorough analysis of your keyword market(s) will ensure proper keyword selection.
Analysis involves the following:
Understanding Your Keyword Market
Vertical and lateral keyword analysis refers to the discovery process you can go through to determine which Keyword Markets are relevant to your website. A vertical analysis looks at all forms of the word (singular, plural) and all the popular variations that are used in combination as a keyword phrase. A lateral analysis querieshundreds of other websites that deal with similar markets and extracts those keywords from the title tagsMETA tags and body text. The most frequent keywords end up at the top. Example is the best way to explain vertical and lateral keyword analysis.


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