Link popularity and analysis is a major factor when it comes to ranking well in search engines and drawing traffic to your site. In step four, you will learn how to increase the number of links to your sitehow to get quality sites to link to yours, and the overall effect link popularity has on your rankings.

Link popularity is the number of incoming links that you have to your site from other sites. These links can be from directoriesarticles, or web sites. The more links you have pointing to your sitethe better.

The number and quality of links that you have pointing to your site are a factor that many search enginesconsider when determining the rank or your site and individual pages of your site. Also, the more incoming linksyou have, the greater the traffic to your site.

Getting Links for our clients
The most important factor in getting others to link to your site is having a site worthy of a link. In other words, have a site or page that a directory editor or site owner thinks would be of benefit to their audience.

The best way to do this is by having great contentGreat content will draw people to your siteGreat content will make people want to stay at your siteGreat content will cause people to tell others about your site by linking to it.

After you've created a site worthy of a link, start by submitting to the directories. Hit the major directoriesregional directories, and thematic directories.

Next, look for quality sites that would be complimentary to your audience and exchange links with them. For example, if you sell patio furniture, look for sites that sell gardening supplies and contact them about exchanging links.

The best way to contact a potential link partner is by visiting a site and looking for ways the site owner could naturally include link to your site in their content. Then look for ways to naturally incorporate a link to that site from yours. After you've done this, email the potential link partner with your ideaDon't use a form letterJust send a shortpersonal note explaining what you have in mind.

We don't use automated programs that send out form letters asking for links. If we use this type of program, we only use it for locating sites that may be worth contacting.

properly executed link building campaign will help boost your ranking with many search engines, but this is only part of the benefit. The quality sites that have agreed to link to you will also send you highly relevant traffic. Also, your brand and name will become better known within your industry as a result of the link requests that you make. Finallyyour additions to Yahoo and the Open Directory will send you a great deal of additional quality trafficLink building is a laborious process, but if done properly it is most definitely worth the effort. You can trust SEO TEAM to build up a link analysis and marketing program for your website.


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